12 Ways to Save Money Eating Out

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12 Ways to Save Money Eating Out

My husband and I love eating out. We try our best to limit it to once a week but it’s hard when our schedules are packed that dinner is around 10pm. We also like to eat out because it gives us a chance to spend time with our friends since we don’t have a big enough space at home to hang out with them. Whenever we go out, I try save money in any way that we can. Some of my favorite ways to save money eating out include: Read more

Recipe: Salmon Katsu

Recipe for Salmon KatsuWe have so much frozen salmon at home that I decided to make salmon katsu the other night. I wanted to make this at home to save us some money on one of my favorite Japanese restaurant dishes. I first discovered salmon katsu dining at Yanagi Sushi and later at Sushi King. They serve it with a small salad, miso soup, and rice for about $10-12. I love making this at home because you can make enough for work the next day! Read more

10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

10 ways to save money on groceriesThe cost of living in Hawaii is high especially in housing and groceries. To save money, my husband and I try to cook at home as much as possible. We go to the grocery store once every 1-2 weeks to cover most of our meals for the week. Over the years, we’ve figured out how to spend less than $5 per serving of food. Read more

Recipe: Baked Furikake Salmon

recipe for baked furikake salmonLately, I’ve been eating a lot of furikake salmon at our church potlucks that I wanted to make it home for our lunches. I was lucky to find that there was a sale for frozen salmon fillets at Walmart yesterday. It was 2 lbs for $12 and there were eight 1-inch fillets in one bag. Salmon is uber expensive here in Hawaii so I thought it was a great deal and got two bags. If you know any other places I can get cheap salmon, please let me know!

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Recipe: Easy Tuna Patties

recipe for easy tuna pattiesWhen I was in high school, I ate breakfast from the cafeteria with my friends. My favorite item on the menu was tuna patties with rice bento. It was so good that I usually bought a couple of these bentos to eat after school before I went to my after school activities. I tried to recreate it before but it didn’t turn out too well. I wanted to try again because I was craving some tuna patties and we had a bunch of canned tuna from back home (it’s the best!). I looked up various recipes but there was a lot of ingredients that I didn’t have in my pantry so I just used whatever I had. I wanted to add some vegetables to this dish (the ones from high school had carrots and potatoes) but all I had was a red bell pepper, which complemented the tuna perfectly. Read more

Recipe: Freezer Breakfast Burritos

recipe for breakfast burritosMy husband and I usually prepare our breakfast and lunches the night before because we don’t get up early enough to prepare our meals. For this week, I wanted to make us breakfast burritos to mix it up a bit since we’ve just been eating bread, cereal, oatmeal, and whatever random things we can find in the fridge for breakfast. I added chicken breakfast sausage, bell peppers, and carrots to our burritos but you can add other vegetables or protein that you want. We also used two different types of tortilla: I wanted the spinach flavor and my husband wanted whole wheat. Just make sure that it’s big enough for a burrito. These grab and go burritos will be good in the fridge for up to one month but I have a feeling that we’ll probably finish these much sooner. Read more

Recipe: Chicken Kelaguen

recipe for chicken kelaguenChicken Kelaguen is a Chamorro dish from the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. I grew up eating different variations of kelaguen: beef, chicken, shrimp, with red ginger, with fresh grated coconut, etc for snack, lunch, dinner, and at parties. It is usually eaten with corn or flour & coconut milk (sweetened) titiyas, which are like tortillas or pita bread. It similar to ceviche because it is “cooked” in lemon juice but it is different from ceviche because most kelaguen recipes use ingredients like onions, green onions, grated coconut, salt and pepper, and lemon instead of limes, tomatoes, and cilantro.

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Recipe: Crockpot Veggie Loaded Japanese Chicken Curry

Last night's dinner is today's baon (lunch)!
Last night’s dinner is today’s baon (lunch)!

Japanese curry is an easy dish to make in the crockpot and on the stove. I make so many variations because it depends on what’s in my fridge at the moment. I don’t usually add pumpkin and corn but we had leftover pumpkin from last week’s dish and we got some sweet Ewa corn that we picked this past weekend. I know it sounds weird but it tastes pretty good. I got the idea of adding all kinds of vegetables when I make this dish because, at the rare times we go to Curry House, I usually order mixed veggie-shabu shabu beef curry plate, which come with kabocha (pumpkin), spinach, corn, carrots, peas, green beans, and lotus root. On a side note, I added garlic to this curry (because I love garlic!) but I realized that it changes the flavor a bit so I am not adding it again. Finally, I wish I added something green like peas or spinach (because it’s so orange!) but I didn’t have any in the fridge so I had to do without.

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Recipe: Ginataang Kalabasa, Hipon, Sitaw at Talong


Gintaang Kalabasa, Hipon, Sitaw at Talong is a Filipino dish of kabocha squash, shrimp, green beans, and eggplant cooked in coconut milk. It’s a hearty stew that you can make with basically any vegetable or meat so I made this dish based on what I had in our fridge from a previous recipe. I also added a bit of crushed hot pepper to make it a bit spicy but this dish is not usually spicy at all. Read more