Bucket List

This is a bucket list of things I want to do and see in my lifetime. Just because I’m on a budget and trying to pay down our debt, it doesn’t mean that I should stop pursuing my goals. It just means that I have to be creative in finding ways to finance my bucket list without going into debt. Most importantly, setting these as goals help to give me direction in our financial plans for the future. Hopefully, as I check stuff off my bucket list, I’ll be able to show you how I did it while saving as much money as possible.

In no particular order:

  1. Have a family
  2. Invite as much people as possible to learn about our church
  3. Travel the world
  4. Visit every single chapel of our church around the world
  5. Learn the theramin
  6. Learn self-defense and teach self-defense courses
  7. Pay down all of our debt
  8. Help guide baby sea turtles to the ocean
  9. Make sure my family is financially secure
  10. Save a life
  11. Become a financial advisor
  12. Learn to stand-up paddle board
  13. Write a book
  14. Learn to code
  15. Own my own business
  16. Adopt two dogs
  17. Learn to sew
  18. Get my PhD
  19. Learn how cut hair
  20. Hug a panda in real life
  21. See a whale in the ocean
  22. Visit Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida and the Studio Set in London
  23. Learn to properly ski or snowboard