Updates to the Blog

Hi Everyone,

CherryLacsina.com is now ItsAllCherry.com. I chose this new website to align with my personal theme in our journey to financial freedom. I’ve heard the phrase “It’s all cherry” several times here in Hawaii. It resonates with me not only because it has my name :P, but also because it’s a reminder to me that everything will be fine eventually.

We are trying to pay down all of debt, sort out our finances, and so forth but I am trying to balance this with making sure that we do not neglect other things in our life. I want to make sure that we make time for our family and friends, be active in our church offices, and live in the present. We have these worries but we shouldn’t let this stop us from living our lives. I also can’t let it affect our health, our family, and our lives anymore. We now to find more creative ways to endure through our current problems but still work hard to fix it.

Now that this new website is up and running, there’s still a lot of bugs for me to fix. I have a very small budget for my blog so I am doing everything myself. Because of this, I hope you will all be patient with me and continue to reading and sharing my posts. Thank you for following me so far as we strive for financial freedom one day at a time!


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