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IMG_0956I forgot about some of the DIY wedding stuff I posted to my old wordpress site before we got married! I just finished transferring all of the posts to this site and I’m going to delete my old site. 🙁

For our wedding, I wanted to create a paper flower wall as a backdrop to our sweetheart table. I searched the internet for different flowers that I thought were easy but beautiful. This was one of the first flowers that I made. I’ll post up instructions for the other paper flowers we used in the flower wall soon!

I got the instructions for the flowers from Jackie’s at Pancakes & Glue Guns. I did not have coffee filters at home so I had to figure out how to make the stamen using a different method.

To make this flower, you will need:

  • 7 pieces of copy paper
  • I used cream colored paper for the petals and white paper for the stamen for contrast
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or glue gun

Amount of time spent on this project: ~15 minutes

IMG_0948STEP 1:  Following Jackie’s instructions, I folded 7 pieces of paper longways and in half. Using one folded sheet, I cut out a sort of half circle design, which looked like a large petal when opened. I first tried to master creating the petal design since I didn’t have a template. I was cutting based on how it looked online. Once I had something that looked like Jackie’s petals, I created a template that used up most of the sheet and to reduce waste. Using the template, I then cut out 6 more petals. I kept the 7th petal as a template to create more flowers later.

IMG_0950STEP 2: Using a glue gun (a glue stick works too!), I glued two pieces together with one on top of the other. The overlap was less than one inch. Make sure that the folds of the petals are both facing downward. I accidentally glued two petals together where one petal had the fold facing up and the other had a fold facing down. It didn’t look right. In the end, I had 3 sets of these petals.

STEP 3 (no pictures! sorry!): I then arranged the 3 sets on top of each other to see how it was going to look it before I glued it. Once I was satisfied, I used my glue stick to make a small circle in the first pair of petals. I then placed the second pair of petals on top of the first one and pressed the middle so that the pairs stuck. I repeated the process for the final and topmost pair of petals. Even after gluing everything together, I had to adjust the petals a bit because it wasn’t properly symmetrical. It was a good thing I used the glue stick because it was easier to make the adjustments than using the glue gun.

IMG_0952STEP 4: I made a small stamen using a stripe of copy paper. I forgot to take a picture of it so I’ll do another post on the stamen when I do another flower. Sorry! However, I looked online and HGTV had some good instructions for a daisy stamen which is basically the same process that I did but they used crepe paper.

STEP 5: The stamen that I created in the picture above was too small for the size of the actual flower. It looked a little sad. Because of this, I went online and saw a cute circular stamen that Brittany created for her paper flowers. I thought it was easy enough to do so I carefully took off my tiny stamen and set it aside for later.

I didn’t actually read Brittany’s instructions. I only looked at the pictures because I am a visual person! I made two circles using whatever I had at home (bottom of my globe card holder and a plastic food cover. LOL!).  I traced the bottom of my globe onto white paper and cut it out. I then traced a smaller circle in the center of my circle using the plastic cover. Using my scissors, I cut stripes down from the outer circle towards the inner circle that were less than half an inch (see Brittany’s instructions for better explanation!). Once that was done, I glued the stamen in the center of the flower and I used a dowel to curl the stripes inwards.

IMG_0954STEP 6: The circular stamen also looked a little sad and was missing something inside so I pasted the smaller stamen within the bigger one. It created a fuller effect and it was great that I didn’t have to throw it away. I had to use the glue gun for this because it wouldn’t stay with just the glue stick.



I hope the instructions were easy to understand. It really helped that I was able to find easy instructions online. Thank you again to Jackie and Brittany for all the help! Visit their websites for more information and inspiration.

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