12 Ways to Save Money Eating Out


12 Ways to Save Money Eating Out

My husband and I love eating out. We try our best to limit it to once a week but it’s hard when our schedules are packed that dinner is around 10pm. We also like to eat out because it gives us a chance to spend time with our friends since we don’t have a big enough space at home to hang out with them. Whenever we go out, I try save money in any way that we can. Some of my favorite ways to save money eating out include: Read more

Book Review: “The Stay-At-Home Mom Blueprint”

Book Title of the Stay at Home Mom Blueprint by Laura HarrisThis post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclaimers for more info.

Even though I am not yet a mom, I decided to read Laura Harris’ “The Stay-At-Home Mom Blueprint: 150 Strategies to Chop Debt, Save Money, and Afford Your Dream of Staying at Home.” My husband and I want to have children in the near future but we are concerned about how much it costs to raise children. The CNN Money tool “How much will it cost to raise your child?” indicates that we will spend about $235,563 from birth to age 17. This is about the cost of a one-bedroom apartment here in Hawaii and this doesn’t include their expenses for college. Read more

7 Financial Mistakes I Wish I Didn’t Make in College

Image of the blog post entitled 7 financial mistakes I wish I didn't make in collegeThe cost of higher education is rising every year leaving many students in debt before they begin their first job. First-generation students, like me, enter college without learning how to balance a budget, manage finances, and save money. Looking back, I made a lot of poor financial decisions that added to the amount of debt I accumulated after college. Some of the financial mistakes I wish I didn’t make in college include: Read more

Updates to the Blog

Hi Everyone,

CherryLacsina.com is now ItsAllCherry.com. I chose this new website to align with my personal theme in our journey to financial freedom. I’ve heard the phrase “It’s all cherry” several times here in Hawaii. It resonates with me not only because it has my name :P, but also because it’s a reminder to me that everything will be fine eventually.

We are trying to pay down all of debt, sort out our finances, and so forth but I am trying to balance this with making sure that we do not neglect other things in our life. I want to make sure that we make time for our family and friends, be active in our church offices, and live in the present. We have these worries but we shouldn’t let this stop us from living our lives. I also can’t let it affect our health, our family, and our lives anymore. We now to find more creative ways to endure through our current problems but still work hard to fix it.

Now that this new website is up and running, there’s still a lot of bugs for me to fix. I have a very small budget for my blog so I am doing everything myself. Because of this, I hope you will all be patient with me and continue to reading and sharing my posts. Thank you for following me so far as we strive for financial freedom one day at a time!


Recipe: Salmon Katsu

Recipe for Salmon KatsuWe have so much frozen salmon at home that I decided to make salmon katsu the other night. I wanted to make this at home to save us some money on one of my favorite Japanese restaurant dishes. I first discovered salmon katsu dining at Yanagi Sushi and later at Sushi King. They serve it with a small salad, miso soup, and rice for about $10-12. I love making this at home because you can make enough for work the next day! Read more

10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

10 ways to save money on groceriesThe cost of living in Hawaii is high especially in housing and groceries. To save money, my husband and I try to cook at home as much as possible. We go to the grocery store once every 1-2 weeks to cover most of our meals for the week. Over the years, we’ve figured out how to spend less than $5 per serving of food. Read more

Vintage Globe Wedding Card Holder

How to make a vintage globe wedding card holderFor my first wedding DIY project, I made wedding card holders out of vintage globes. This was originally posted in my previous blog before the wedding and transferred it here so I could close my old blog. I am not sure how I came up with this idea. I just knew I didn’t want a regular card box and these globes fit our old romance wedding theme and is a nod to our love to travel. There was also nothing like this on pinterest or anywhere online, so I winged it! Read more

Wedding Paper Flower

IMG_0956I forgot about some of the DIY wedding stuff I posted to my old wordpress site before we got married! I just finished transferring all of the posts to this site and I’m going to delete my old site. 🙁

For our wedding, I wanted to create a paper flower wall as a backdrop to our sweetheart table. I searched the internet for different flowers that I thought were easy but beautiful. This was one of the first flowers that I made. I’ll post up instructions for the other paper flowers we used in the flower wall soon!

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Top 5 Cheap Places to Visit on the Big Island

Top 5 cheap places to visit on the big islandThe Big Island, Hawaii, is the largest island in the Hawaiian Islands archipelago that continues to grow a little every day due to the lava flow from Kilauea (Interesting Fact: Big Island has grown by 500 acres since 1983 from the Kilauea volcano!). It has diverse climates where visitors can experience snow, go to the beach, and get stuck in a downpour all in the same day. My extended family has been slowly migrating to the Big Island so we have been coming here more frequently in the past couple of years. When we visit, we usually only come for the weekend or holidays because of work but we are still able to visit most of the places we want to see in only a couple of days. Read more

Recipe: Baked Furikake Salmon

recipe for baked furikake salmonLately, I’ve been eating a lot of furikake salmon at our church potlucks that I wanted to make it home for our lunches. I was lucky to find that there was a sale for frozen salmon fillets at Walmart yesterday. It was 2 lbs for $12 and there were eight 1-inch fillets in one bag. Salmon is uber expensive here in Hawaii so I thought it was a great deal and got two bags. If you know any other places I can get cheap salmon, please let me know!

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